Four Common Reasons For A Clogged Drain

Sewer systems normally work flawlessly, but when they don't, homeowners have a real problem on their hands. A drain inside the house that's clogged usually means there's a serious issue with the sewer line. If repairs aren't made quickly, the sewage can back up into the house. Read the information below to learn four common reasons for clogged drains that require the services of a greensburg sewer professional.

Pipe Corrosion

Many older homes and buildings still have their original sewer pipes that are made out of cast iron. After many years of use, the metal begins to deteriorate and rust. As the corrosion intensifies it forms a layer of rust and corroded metal inside of the pipes, which decreases the normal flow of liquids and solids through the sewer. Debris will also get stuck on the rough edges of the corroded metal and cause a blockage in the sewer line.

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Broken Pipes

Sewer pipes are very durable, but they're not indestructible. Both plastic and clay sewer pipes can crack or break due to shifting soil, frozen ground or driving heavy machinery on the ground above the sewer line. Once a pipe breaks or cracks, the sewage doesn't flow properly through the sewer line and the liquids will leak out around the broken pipe. When the soil around the pipe becomes completely saturated, it can wash away the dirt underneath the pipe and cause it to cave in.

Bowed Plastic Pipes

It's not unusual for plastic sewer pipes to bow or curve at the bottom when the soil conditions underneath the pipe aren't ideal. When the pipe isn't straight, the liquid and solid waste settles in the bottom portion of the pipe and blocks the incoming waste. This back up in the sewer line ultimately leads to a clog inside the house. This type of clog can also occur if the sewer line was installed incorrectly. When this occurs, homeowners must immediately call a professional for sewer repair.

Tree Root Growth

The continual growth of tree roots underneath the ground is a very common cause of a clogged drain. Tree roots naturally gravitate towards rich nutrients and water, which are both found inside sewer pipes. Thin roots can enter the pipes through a small crack or opening and as they continue to grow inside the pipe, they become tangled and block both liquid and solid waste from flowing through the sewer.

There are various reasons why a drain can clog and when this occurs it can turn into a real nightmare for homeowners if it's not repaired right away. The condition of the sewer pipes will only get worse with time and cause even more damage. Click here for professional Sewer and Drain Services in Greensburg.

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